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2024 Date TBD
A Regional Fighter & Archery Practice and Peasant Revel

2439 Old 179 North

Whigham, Georgia

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All Are Welcome to the Fourth Annual Red Hills Revel at the  picturesque Maxwell Pecan Orchard in South Georgia


The site is about an hour's drive north of Tallahassee.


As usual, there are NO event fees, so this is a FREE event. We will have no meetings or schedules to keep up with, just fighting, shooting, and revelry. In the past, we have had impromptu classes, and dancing, so bring your medieval activity of choice to share with others.


There is plenty of space to camp, so we encourage folks to come out Friday night to set up their tents and stay until Sunday morning. There will be a grill available and access to water in addition to an outdoor shower. Electricity can be made available if needed. This will be a garbed event, and people are encouraged to bring their own lunch/dinner or coordinate with friends.


Please invite friends and newcomers! All are welcome. We especially hope to see folks from Meridies and maybe some of our southern Trimarian brothers and sisters!

About Red Hills Revel

Inspired by the account of a Peasant Revel that occurred in the then incipient shire of Oldenfeld long ago in A.S. 10 (1976) and encouraged by the stories of, and desire for,  simple unencumbered gathering of SCAdians, Aesmund and Eadgyth had the idea to recreate those carefree events of old.

As such Red Hills Revel was begun as a simple SCA event; bringing together our common activities, fighting, archery, thrown-weapons, dance, music and crafts, without the constraints of a schedule, court business, or the responsibilities of title or office.  We feel that by keeping this event free and free from these obligations everyone in the Society can have a little time to play in the  Dream.

Combat Arts

There will be heavy/chivalric combat practice all day.


 Additionally the Trimarian Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal will be present and if there is sufficient interest the Combat Archers can practice with as much space as they desire.

Rapier/Light Weapons are encouraged to come as well.  Please communicate interest on Facebook so we know to bring our swords!


Archery & Thrown Weapons

There will be a full Archery Range with Marshals/Rangers.

In addition to open practice and Royal Rounds conducted; Lord Bastien will be hosting a novelty shoot!  

Additionally there will be a Thrown Weapons Target available.  And, as many of us are TW Rangers, Royal Rounds can be conducted upon request/sufficient bribery!

This is Peasant Revel, meaning that there are no official responsibilities nor official capacities.   All titles and obligations are set aside for the purpose of enjoying camaraderie and activity in the SCA.

There is no set schedule.  Typically there is a break for lunch wherein ranges may close.  People are welcome to stay as late as they wish or camp overnight.

This is a garbed event.


Red Hills Revel is hosted on a lovely private commercial pecan orchard in Grady County Georgia.

All activities take place in one shady orchard but with 50 acres in orchards and a 100 acres total,  the site has plenty of room for camping, archery, and melees.

This is essentially a primitive site.  We will have porta-potties, a sink in the field, and a public grill.  Electricity can be run out to the field upon request

Anyone wishing to camp for the weekend or bring a shade or pavilion is welcome to.  Please check with the hosts before setting up to prevent damage to the trees or their irrigation system.

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